Mitsubishi Mini-Split Project Case Study

Installed Mitsubishi Mini Systems

The residents of Dayton, OH and surrounding areas can now enjoy comfort in their homes all season round by using Mitsubishi mini-split systems. The system is eco-friendly, easy to install, and saves on energy bills.

Gem City Catfé recently decided to convert a historic home into a cat café to include a cat lounge, an espresso bar, and an event area. Historic properties have many design challenges. The engineer designed a traditional HVAC system which uses sheet metal ductwork to move conditioned air to the required space. This was a problem for Gem City Catfé.

The cost of installation was so high, so Butler offered an alternative solution of installing a ductless system made by the Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating. This reduced the install costs by half while still maintaining the historic property that Gem City Catfé fell in love with.

The design also allowed for each space in the property to have a dedicated air handler. Since three spaces were meant for cats, it was necessary for those areas not to mix airstreams with the client areas. This design also made it possible for temperatures to be controlled differently in each area. A Hyperheat solution was also incorporated to provide heating even at outdoor temperatures as low as -13°F. The traditional system would not have allowed for all these gains.

“We’re thrilled with the results of the Mitsubishi system. It’s unbelievable that we not only have vast improvements in both form and function but also saved thousands of dollars on the installation.” – Karin Gudal-Johnson, Gem City Catfé

At Butler Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of comfort during all seasons, and that’s why we provide quality Mishibushi mini-split units at an affordable rate. Contact us today for any HVAC issues you may have in Dayton, OH or surrounding areas.