You may find yourself in a situation where a mini-split AC in Dayton, OH, would prove ideal. You might consider adding a room to your home but prefer not to install more ductwork.

You may have an outbuilding, like a tool shed, that a ducted unit obviously can’t reach. Or perhaps you own a historic home that can’t structurally support anything other than ductless AC. Mini-splits are versatile.

Moreover, many people building a new home choose mini-splits as an alternative to ducted AC. It’s not impossible, considering how a single compressor can connect to eight air handlers.

Reasons to Purchase a Mini-Split AC

If you choose mini-splits, one of the first things that will pleasantly surprise you is how smoothly the installation goes. Mini-split air handlers hang on the wall of the room you’re cooling, and their sleek style and compact size ensure that they blend right in.

You have flexibility regarding where to put the compressor because the refrigerant line can stretch for as long as 50 feet between the compressor and the air handler.

Every air handler gets its own thermostat, leading to one of the main advantages of ductless air conditioning: multi-zone cooling. Your family members can now set the room temperature the way they like. And unlike a central AC, you don’t have to cool unoccupied rooms.

Other benefits of mini-splits include:
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Variable-speed operation
  • A lifespan of up to three decades
  • Features like directional airflow

It’s a great advantage not to have ducts carrying your cool air because these inevitably develop leaks. Ductless AC, by contrast, delivers cool air into your room without any loss. A ductless AC makes a big difference on one’s monthly bill.

Variable-speed operation is a noteworthy feature because it minimizes the wear and tear that comes with continually starting up and shutting down the system. It contributes a lot to the system’s 30-year lifespan. Remember, though, that you can only achieve this average lifespan if you don’t overuse the AC and don’t neglect professional maintenance.

Dayton’s Source for Ductless AC

Since 1949, Butler Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving homeowners in and around Dayton, and we can tackle any mini-split AC installation project, large or small. Our technicians are NATE-certified and highly trained.

They can give you an accurate estimate at no charge during the initial consultation and present a wide range of energy-efficient products from Mitsubishi Electric and others. Our customer care is so stellar that we’ve won the BBB Eclipse Integrity Award.

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