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    Butler Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving local area property owners for more than 70 years, assisting our customers enjoy safer, healthier, and more comfortable homes. Our experience extends past temperature control, and we offer experienced indoor air quality products and solutions in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas. We offer a comprehensive approach to improving the air throughout your home, including advanced air treatment systems for all aspects of your indoor air quality.


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    Whole-House IAQ Solutions for a Healthy Home

    We spend a lot of our time inside our homes, and while having reliable heating and cooling is a must in Dayton, it’s only part of the picture when it comes to our whole-home comfort. It may come as a surprise, but the air in your home can be much more polluted than outside! With windows closed, the air in your home is trapped, keeping all of the cooking and cleaning byproducts and odors inside along with it. Dust and debris continue to be circulated, and the bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be found indoors have nowhere to escape. This all makes for poor indoor air quality, and is why we highly recommend analyzing your air and allowing our team to recommend and install high-quality products to make your home a safer, more comfortable place to be.

    The benefits of good indoor air quality:
    • Healthier air
    • Reduces skin and allergy symptoms
    • Lowers utility bills
    • Reduces and removes harmful airborne pollutants
    • Better sleep quality
    • Improves overall comfort

    Our Butler Heating & Air Conditioning team believes that the ideal indoor air quality solution includes four key components: proper ventilation, humidity control, air purification, and a high-performance media filter. Together, these products combine to afford a whole-home treatment of your air. We can install one, multiple, or all of these products depending on your specific air quality needs and home environment.


    When the weather is nice, ventilation can be achieved by opening doors and windows to afford airflow in and out of your home. However, this isn’t really an option when you need to have your heater or air conditioner turned on! The solution? An ERV system. ERV stands for “energy recovery ventilator”, and an ERV system brings fresh air into your home and pushes the stale, old inside air out. By using the thermal energy of exiting air to pre-condition incoming air, you can enjoy fresh air all year long. These systems minimize energy loss, and do a great job assisting with humidity control. We carry and install high performance Carrier ERV systems for our customers.

    When you turn down or crank up the thermostat, your HVAC system kicks into gear, circulating the air in your home in a cycle. Heated or cooled air is forced through the vents, and the treated air is brought back in through a return duct to maintain air balance and start the process over again. During this process, your furnace filter does its best to trap dust and larger particles, preventing them from being reintroduced through your HVAC system, ductwork, and indoor air supply. However, the standard filters that come with your furnace do a standard job, and a much higher quality option is available.

    Media filters offer higher MERV rating (filtration effectiveness), and do a superior job of trapping and removing airborne contaminants, especially smaller particles that a standard filter won’t be able to catch. We’re happy to help you determine the best size and type of filter for your furnace and home, and offer any installation or upkeep support you need.

    Humidity control

    Humidity is easily understood and felt, but the effects or poor humidity are not always considered when ensuring your home is comfortable and efficient. Especially during the Dayton area winters, closed windows and the heat turned up mean low humidity and dry air. In addition to making the air feel colder, low humidity can cause dry noses, itchy skin, static shocks, and even deteriorate your wooden furniture and upholstery. With optimal humidity levels, you’ll find that you can be comfortable during the cold winter nights even when the thermostat is set lower than you’re used to!

    To achieve ideal humidity, we install high performance Carrier bypass humidifiers, a highly efficient means of using your furnace blower to introduce moisture through your duct system into your home. This state-of-the-art humidifier can produce up to 18 gallons of water vapor per day, making it a highly effective way to improve your indoor humidity levels.

    Air purification

    You may not be able to see it, but your air is filled with millions and millions of various particulates and bacteria. While most of what is in your air is completely harmless, harmful airborne viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants can and do find their way into your air supply. As you breathe, you’re inhaling whatever is in your air, so it’s important to ensure you and your family aren’t breathing in polluted air! That’s why we install the technologically advanced APCO-X whole-house air purification system.

    The APCO-X is highly effective in treating and eliminating a wide range of airborne contaminants such as VOCs, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, dust, and more. This incredible product produces absolutely zero ozone, is completely safe, and designed for a long lifespan of state-of-the-art air purification.

    Your Local Indoor Air Quality Pros

    With our great selection of products and many decades of expertise, Butler Heating & Air Conditioning is a great choice to assist you in ensuring your Dayton home has safe, breathable air. Our experienced heating and cooling technicians are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our products, and can help you address your indoor air quality concerns of any nature. We’re committed to quality in all that we do, and pride ourselves on both excellent customer service and results that you’ll be 100% satisfied with.

    To learn more about our indoor air quality products and services in Dayton and the surrounding areas, please contact us today!

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