Expansion Tanks in Dayton, OH When you need expansion tanks in Dayton, OH, call Butler Heating & Air Conditioning. This simple attachment to your water heater can make a big difference in your quality of life. Because old homes are common in this area, there’s a good chance that you’re living without a water heater expansion tank. You may have questions about what that means, how an expansion tank works, and how to install or service one. A plumber from Butler Heating & Air Conditioning can tell you how you can get one in your home and why it’s a good idea. They can also install one of these units for you and help you keep it operating throughout its lifespan.

    About Expansion Tanks in Dayton

    High pressure in your water heater is the result of the water expanding under heat. With an expansion tank attached to the main supply pipe, water will flow from the water heater into the expansion tank as the heat increases. This relieves pressure in the water heater. It’s as simple as any technology gets.

    About Expansion Tanks in Dayton What are the symptoms of high pressure in a plumbing system? Unchecked pressure could damage the water tank itself. Take note if you see water leaking around the relief valve of your water heater as a sign of this. You could also lose hot water by allowing it to siphon back into the supply. As a result, you will lose money for hot water you didn’t use. Finally, your plumbing joints, washers, and other hardware might deteriorate more quickly than in a pressure-regulated system.

    Here’s the full list of things that a water heater expansion tank can be good for:
    • Modernizing your home
    • Saving hot water for yourself
    • Saving money on your bills
    • Preventing contamination of the water supply
    • Preventing deterioration of your plumbing system
    Expansion tank services are also offered in:

    Water Heater Expansion Tank Experts

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