Butler Cares About the Environment!

Butler Heating & Air Conditioning understands the importance of protecting the environment. That is why we have taken several steps to ensure that we are doing so. On December 17, 1963, the Clean Air Act was enacted by Congress. As of July 1, 1992, Section 608 was added to “prohibit individuals from intentionally venting ozone-depleting substances used as refrigerants (generally CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s) into the atmosphere while maintaining, servicing, repairing or disposing of air conditioning or refrigeration equipment (appliances).” All of our technicians are EPA certified, and we recycle all refrigerant that we recover from any system. This alone has a huge impact on the environment, but we want to go above and beyond in our recycling efforts. Going Green at [Butler Heating & Air Conditioning includes but is not limited to:

Energy Preservation

Energy Preservation

  • Keeping our thermostats within a moderate range
  • Changing our air filters regularly
  • Driving within the posted speed limits


  • Recycling aluminum and steel
  • Scrapping and recycling old units
  • Recycling cardboard
  • Recycling old computers, electronics and phone systems
  • Recycled blacktop from First Street was used to resurface our parking lot

Other Environmental Practices

  • Referring our customers to asbestos removal companies
  • Using a certified repair shop to perform maintenance on our vehicles
  • Supplying Material Data Safety Sheets for all of our technicians that are kept on the company trucks
  • Participating in the Cintas Certified Disposal and Recycling Program

Environmental Safety

  • We are committed to not creating or disposing of hazardous wastes which will contaminate the environment.
  • We choose materials which have been judged as non-hazardous whenever possible and dispose of hazardous materials if used.
  • We inform our employees how to control hazardous wastes and what to do if they are exposed to hazardous wastes.