Trust our business at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning to be your HVAC contractor in Brookville, OH. We’re an expert heating and cooling company that’s been serving the area since 1949. Our experienced NATE-certified technicians can work with all types of indoor comfort systems whether you use a furnace, boiler, air conditioner, or heat pump.

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    We always go the extra mile and have garnered a reputation for being the “Home of the Dependables.” Let us take care of your heating and air repairs, tune-ups, and major installations in Brookville.

    HVAC Contractor Repair in Brookville

    Going without temperature control for any period of time will decrease your comfort and impact your household’s safety. To prevent sudden shutdowns, you should call for repairs the moment you notice any issues with your systems. Regularly check for any musty, burning, or rotten-egg odors coming from the vents or the unit itself. You should also listen for odd sounds like banging, screeching, whistling, or gurgling. Some HVAC problems can result in decreased airflow, worsened air quality, and higher utility costs every month.

    Heating and Cooling Company Installation

    A heating or cooling replacement will dramatically boost your comfort and potentially give you access to benefits like modern smart capabilities. Newer systems boast the best energy efficiency ratings, state-of-the-art safety features, and active warranties. You won’t require frequent service or repairs, and you can rely on the warranty to cover unexpected costs.

    If you choose a smart-compatible system, you’ll have an easier time managing your filter needs and monthly energy consumption. Rather than continue to struggle with excessive energy costs and frequent repairs, you can invest in an improved, long-lasting HVAC system.

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    HVAC Company Annual Maintenance Agreements

    HVAC maintenance is one of the most common types of comfort service you need as a homeowner. Your heating and air systems require at least yearly care to keep them efficient and safe.

    Feel free to schedule an AC tune-up in the spring and heater service in the fall to get these systems ready for their coming peak season.
    • Prolonged system life span
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Lower monthly utility bills
    • Smaller carbon footprint

    Maintenance services include inspecting and cleaning your system as well as lubricating all moving parts. If your technician notices the beginning signs of damage or unsafe wear and tear, they’ll suggest early part replacements to prevent significant future damage. Signs you may need a tune-up include irregular heating and cooling cycles, leaking water, and energy spikes.

    These are some of the great benefits of annual preventative HVAC maintenance.

    Make Butler Heating & Air Conditioning your lifelong HVAC contractor in Brookville, and start by calling us today.