family sitting on the couch smiling at each otherSeveral things can compromise your indoor air quality in your Beavercreek, OH, home. They include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your cooking sources or cleaning products. Airborne pathogens and outside air pollutants like pesticides and radon also cause indoor air pollution. Additionally, high temperatures or humidity levels can result in a higher concentration of some pollutants indoors.

    When your house isn’t properly aerated, the contaminated air recirculates throughout your living space. Poor indoor air quality is a significant health concern. Children tend to be more vulnerable to indoor air pollution. For this reason, you should partner with a reputable HVAC contractor for improved indoor air quality.

    Efficient Ventilation Services in Beavercreek

    Ensuring your home is well-ventilated is critical to bringing in sufficient outdoor air to dilute emissions from indoor pollutant sources. Outdoor air infiltrates your space through cracks, joints, or openings in your ceiling, walls, floors, or around windows or doors. It can also enter and leave your home naturally through open windows and doors. However, opening windows or doors during summer or winter proves counteractive to your desired comfort. Hence, mechanical ventilation becomes necessary.

    You can ask a technician to install outdoor-vented fans in your kitchen or bathrooms, which remove air intermittently. Or you can have air-handling systems with fans and ductwork to continuously rid indoor air. Still, you can contact Butler Heating & Air Conditioning in Beavercreek for energy recovery ventilator (ERV) systems.

    Proper ventilation in homes has many benefits. Here are a few of them:
    • Helps regulate the household temperature
    • Improves health and well-being
    • Allows airflow control in the home
    • Eliminates odors and air impurities
    • Minimizes risk of mold growth

    High-Quality Filters in Beavercreek

    Air filters are a critical component of your HVAC system. If they clog or fill up with dust or dirt, they reduce airflow efficiency and significantly lower the system’s performance. Proper filter maintenance is crucial for improved air quality inside your home.

    Make a conscious effort to remember to change your filters regularly. The general rule of thumb is to change them after every 30 days during the cooling season. But they may need frequent replacing if you use your AC often. You may also have to swap them frequently if you’ve indoor fur-bearing pets.

    The Energy Star notes that replacing a clogged or dirty air filter with a new one can lower your cooling costs by 5 to 15 percent.

    We also offer expert indoor air quality service in:

    Breathe Easier With UV lights

    Want to enjoy increased comfort and better air quality in your home? Consider incorporating UV lights into your HVAC system. An HVAC UV light sterilizes the air as it circulates through the ducts. It kills bacteria and viruses, reduces odors, and eliminates mold and mildew, keeping indoor air clean and safe. Plus, UV lights can improve your HVAC’s efficiency, extending its lifespan.

    It’s hard to detect UV light using the eyes. So, it becomes nearly impossible to tell when the light needs to be replaced by merely looking at it. As such, you must strictly adhere to the replacement schedule. Also, ensure you hire a professional for effective installation. This isn’t one of those DIY experiments you want to try at all costs!

    For excellent indoor air quality services in Beavercreek, call Butler Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer advanced air purifiers and filters, humidifiers, and ventilation services. We also offer expert heating and cooling services as well!