family sitting on the couch smiling at each otherHome is where we relax and spend our time together, but it’s often where your Miamisburg indoor air quality is as much as five times worse than outdoors. Daily activities can stir up dust particles and release chemicals into the air. Mold and mildew propagate through airborne spores. Odors linger for days.

    Humidifiers and dehumidifiers affect both air quality and comfort. Both too-dry and extra-moist air have effects on your comfort and health and the mobility of airborne contaminants. When the humidity is right, you may not need as much heating and cooling to feel comfortable. Why not use your home’s HVAC ductwork with our air purifiers for better air quality?

    Refreshing Air Purifiers in Miamisburg

    There are several ways we use air purifiers to remove contaminants and indoor pollution circulating in your home. This is especially important in modern, well-sealed energy efficient homes. Any home can have up to five times worse air quality than outdoors. UV lights process ductwork airflow and keep bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew from multiplying.

    Air scrubbers attach to your HVAC ductwork as well, removing contaminants, chemical VOCs, allergens, dust, and odors. Air balancing services ensure excellent airflow coverage of purified air in your comfortable Miamisburg home. At Butler Heating & Air Conditioning, we can perform testing to identify which air purifiers have the right technology for you.

    Benefits of great indoor air quality include:
    • Healthier air to breathe
    • Reduced skin problems and allergy symptoms
    • Lower energy bills
    • Reduced harmful airborne pollutants
    • Better sleep quality
    • More comfortable living

    Moisture-Enhancing Humidifiers

    One air quality problem that we’ve noticed at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning which causes multiple problems is dry air. It lets particles like dust, pet dander, and pollen travel freely in your indoor air, and even line your ductwork due to static. Both heating and air conditioning can reduce your Miamisburg home’s relative humidity. Dry indoor air isn’t good for your body, your furniture, even your plants and pets. The humidifiers we install provide a whole-house moisture level balance. With the added comfort of the right humidity, many families don’t need as much HVAC operation, saving on energy costs.

    Keeping your indoor air moist with humidifiers helps with:
    • Reduced dust circulation and static clinging
    • More comfortable skin and breathing
    • Reduction in allergens including pet dander and mold spores
    • Lower thermostat settings and energy savings
    • Furniture less likely to crack due to dryness
    • Plants thrive more, need less water

    Dehumidifiers Help Avoid Indoor Dampness

    Too much moisture can cause problems in your home, which is why a range of 30-50 percent relative humidity is recommended. When moisture in your air rises above that, it can lead to damp areas in your home which invite mold and mildew growth. You may notice moisture gathering on cold pipes as a sign of high humidity. If you’ve had a tendency to run your AC excessively so the air gets more dry, consider dehumidifiers. Permanently installed on your ductwork, moisture drains away without requiring your help.

    At Butler Heating & Air Conditioning we use air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and more for whole-house comfort and more breathable air in Miamisburg. Call today and feel better!

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