Expansion Tanks in Springboro, OHOur customers aren’t too surprised when they learn that our expansion tanks in Springboro, OH are the best for miles around. The good news is that when we do install a water heater expansion tank, they are very grateful to have it. These customers usually live in older homes whose hot water heaters didn’t come with an expansion tank. Instead, these tanks had a check valve that kept the pressure in the tank from becoming too high. Now they notice that their plumbing fixtures are breaking down, and their water heater’s relief valve is leaking. One remedy for that is an expansion tank.

    Why Water Heater Expansion Tanks?

    A water heater expansion tank is useful because it solves a problem caused by storing hot water. Hot water expands, and that means the pressure inside the tank expands also. It used to be that the excess hot water would backflow to where it came from if the home used an open plumbing system. This risks contaminating the fresh water supply since water heater tanks often have sediment and other debris. Instead, modern water heaters are equipped with a check valve that keeps the excess water from backflowing. Still, this might not work to prevent the water pressure from becoming so high that it can damage the plumbing pipes and even the heater.

    Why Water Heater Expansion Tanks?The expansion tank is split into two halves separated by a diaphragm. The top holds water, while the bottom is filled with air pressurized to 12 pounds per square inch or whatever the water in the main tank is pressurized to. As the hot water flows through the heating system and expands, the diaphragm in the expansion tank is pulled down, which compresses the air beneath it. This allows more water to enter at the top and takes the excess pressure from the plumbing. It is all quite simple, and our plumbers at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning are skilled in installing, repairing, and maintaining both your main hot water heater and your expansion tank.

    Other things to learn about expansion tanks are that they:
    • Are easy to install
    • Have their own pressure relief valves
    • Are installed on the fresh water inlet line
    • Can hold as little as two gallons to hundreds of gallons
    Expansion tank services are also offered in:

    Installing Expansion Tanks in Springboro

    Our plumbers at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning know that a water heater expansion tank can be installed in under an hour, but that doesn’t make us any less diligent, tidy, or courteous when it comes to our customers. Among other citations, we are a recipient of Angie’s List Super Service Award and the BBB Eclipse Integrity Award, and a Dayton Power & Light HVAC Partner.

    Whether you enjoy evenings at La Comedia Dinner Theatre or sunny summer afternoons at Kacie Jane Park and Splash Pad, whether you have your own well or get your water from the city, Springboro is a wonderful place to live. Don’t let excess pressure in your hot water heater and plumbing system shorten the lifespan of your water heater or your plumbing pipes.

    For more information about expansion tanks, give us a call today.