Expansion Tanks in Beavercreek, OH Expansion tanks in Beavercreek, OH are necessary when it comes to water heaters. Not many know what expansion tanks are and the critical role they play in water heater safety. A water heater expansion tank is a small secondary water tank that serves as a pressure relief mechanism for a home’s heated water plumbing system. In many closed hot water systems, they’re all that stands between the home’s pipes and water pressure-related damage. At Butler Heating & Air Conditioning, we sell and service these critical safety mechanisms all around the Beavercreek area.

    Expansion Tanks in Beavercreek

    A traditional water heater heats water to a preset temperature and stores it for later use. However, water expands as it approaches the boiling point, which creates significant pressure on the tank itself and your home’s hot water pipes. In some homes, nothing prevents that pressure from escaping via the home’s incoming water supply lines. Others have check valves or pressure-regulating valves designed to prevent water backflow into supply lines. In those cases, an expansion tank provides somewhere for that pressure to go, rather than putting stress on the water heater and pipes.

    Expansion Tanks in Beavercreek That’s one of the reasons that many homeowners aren’t familiar with them. Not every home requires one, and it’s difficult to tell at a glance if your home does. Our experts at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning can examine your system and let you know.

    If your home does require one, we offer a variety of services to suit your needs.
    • Water heater inspection
    • Expansion tank sales
    • Expansion tank installation
    • Expansion tank maintenance

    It’s also important to know that even homes without a check valve or pressure-regulating valve could benefit from the installation of a water heater expansion tank. It could reduce the wear and tear on your water heater and can extend its life, forestalling costly repairs or replacement in the future.

    Expansion tank services are also offered in:

    Water Heater Expansion Tank Services

    If your home’s hot water system already has an expansion tank installed and it needs inspection, or if you’re not sure if your home needs a hot water expansion tank, Butler Heating & Air Conditioning is the name to remember. We’ve been in business since 1949, and we’ve seen every hot water system configuration imaginable. You won’t find a more reliable service provider in the Beavercreek area. We’re well known as the “Home of the Dependables” for a reason. Our local plumbing company is a resource you can trust. We have a conveniently located office on Springfield Street in Dayton from which we cover the entire surrounding region. You’ve probably seen our fleet of bright yellow service trucks.

    If you’d like us to check out your home’s hot water system to determine if an expansion tank would make a good addition, contact us today. We’ll arrange an appointment for you right away!