Choosing the Right Size Heat Pump for Your Home

Heat pumps are energy-savers and can operate effectively in a wide range of micro-climates. These dual-purpose appliances make functional and affordable additions to just about any type of HVAC system, and in places that don’t experience temperature extremes they may be able to handle the entire heating and cooling load. However, heat pumps are an

Maintenance Checklist for Your Home HVAC Sytem

Maintenance is extremely important for your HVAC system, can you remember the last time your system was serviced? If you can’t then I would say it is time for your to make a simple call and have us come and have us perform a Quick and Simple HVAC System Maintenance on your unit. We service

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Home Heating Myths You Should Avoid

We have neared the winter season which means heating systems are primed up to work overtime for the same level of warmth. But instead of worrying about monthly utility bills, there are some changes you can make to save on energy and money. One has to do away with these home heating myths. Myths about

What Is Two-stage Heating?

Single-stage heating furnaces are popular in hot, humid areas as well as those with cold winter climates. These are designed to offer indoor comfort for very hot and cold days. This means that the HVAC systems operate at full capacity, even when it’s not necessary. This is where two-stage heating and cooling units come in

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Top HVAC Technologies For The Coming Year

According to the AHR expo that took place in January this year, the HVAC industry is changing for the better. The expo revealed that business men and women should be taking advantage or these changes that are coming. The main focus is on changing the way HVAC systems are made to become smarter, save more

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How To Ensure That Your HVAC System Is Free Of Legionnaires Disease

You’ve heard of the recent Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak in New York. The condition spread so quickly that more than 100 people were affected and ten have died. People living in the infected South Bronx building as well as people living six –seven kilometers away were affected with the disease. You are worried as you have

Split Air Conditioning Unit

Is A Ductless Split System Right For Me?

Though Ductless split HVAC systems have been popular in other parts of the world for many years, U.S. consumers are just starting to appreciate their many benefits. These units provide targeted cooling and heating. They’re often used where conventional HVAC systems would be impractical or too expensive to use. How the Units Work Conventional HVAC

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Surge Protectors And HVAC: What You Need To Know

Back in the day, you only needed surge protectors for electronic equipment such as televisions and computers. However, as technology advances, more devices being manufactured are using printed circuit boards, making them more vulnerable to power surges. Modern HVAC systems come with printed circuit boards and can easily be damaged by lightning strikes and power

Breaking Down Persistent Air Conditioning Myths

We may be living in a modern age but myths still exist in different form. These untruths are pervasive because we hear them all the time until we think that they must be right. However, the frequency of tale doesn’t make it come true. This is especially applicable when it comes to technologies and our