3 Reasons Why Your Thermostat Placement Matters

Thermostat Settings in Dayton, OH

Your thermostat placement can make a big difference in the comfort and efficiency of your house. So, it’s important to know where to place your thermostat so that your home is most comfortable for you and your family. Here are some reasons why the placement of your thermostat matters.

1. Impacts the Efficiency of Your Heating System

An improperly placed thermostat can lead to inefficient heating. Placing a thermostat in an interior room like a hallway or bathroom could cause the system to cool down too quickly before it moves through the living space. This can throw off the living area’s temperature, and specific house elements can cool more quickly than other areas. In addition, replacing inefficient heating systems can be costly, especially if there is a leak in your system.

2. Saves Energy and Money

Proper thermostat placement can save you money on your utility bill. If your thermostat is located in an interior room, it will take longer for the temperature to be comfortable in the rest of the house. To feel comfortable, you might have to turn up the heat or air conditioning. This continual adjustment can waste energy by keeping your system on longer than necessary.

3. Improves Comfort in Your Home

The best thermostat placement will be able to regulate the temperature throughout the entire house. Another way to improve comfort is to place your thermostat on the opposite wall from your furnace. A thermostat placed near a door or drafty area will raise your utility bills because it will make your home seem cooler than it is.

Proper placement of your thermostat can help you save money on your energy bill, improve the efficiency of your heating system, and increase the comfort in your home. Suppose you need to improve your indoor air quality, plumbing, heating, and AC repair and installation in Dayton and the surrounding Ohio area. In that case, our experienced service technicians will get the job done right. Contact Butler Heating & Air Conditioning today for more information.