Is My Furnace Up to Code?

Is my furnace up to code in Dayton, OH

Homeowners are often finding new and exciting ways to remodel their homes to better fit their family’s many needs. When considering a large remodel like changing out a furnace, it’s helpful to check out local codes and regulations that determine what’s allowed inside a commercial or residential home.

Is My Furnace Up to Code?

Homes are built with experienced technicians and laborers who work within the current code regulations. Homeowners can look through official city regulations themselves when starting a remodel, but the codes are often hundreds of pages long and can be confusing to anyone not trained and experienced in the field.

Old homes may fall out of compliance, but they’re grandfathered into the system and don’t have to constantly be updated unless the homeowner is planning to sell. A great resource for those looking to get an idea about the current code regulations that are used in their area is to check the Uniform Mechanical Code. Many cities base their regulations on this frequently updated authority.

The best way to be safe and follow local regulations when removing or installing a furnace is to rely on an experienced and certified technician. Professionals can safely install new heating and cooling units while keeping the home safe and ready for use. Homeowners may inadvertently cause damage when performing an install themselves and will need to have the necessary permits when remodeling the home. It can be very difficult and tiresome for homeowners to meet all the required code permits if they don’t know the current code regulations.

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