The Best Furnace Filters for You

Furnace Filters in Dayton, OH

Changing your furnace filters is a regular chore that doesn’t take much time. However, choosing the right filter for your home often takes more thought and research. Improve your routine by finding furnace filters that keep your home cleaner and your family healthier.

Safety Rating

Many furnace filters are given a MERV rating that goes up to 20. This rating denotes how well the filter will catch certain contaminants. Many households use filters between eight and 14 to maintain optimal air quality. Your perfect number can fluctuate based on health reasons, the number of pets in the home, and household allergies. Finding your ideal range can minimize dust floating in the house and uncomfortable side effects like frequent sneezing and irritation.

Budget Restrictions

Thicker filters with higher MERV ratings often cost more than thinner filters. You may struggle to find high-performing, affordable filters. Take the time to find accessible alternative retailers online or locally. Buy in bulk or through a subscription to take advantage of discounts that give you more affordable access to better filters. Put the health of your home first as much as possible to avoid spreading illness and minimize the chance of damage or dust buildup in the furnace.

Manufacturer Recommendations

Referencing your furnace manual is essential to providing the proper care and replacement parts. Manufacturers often include filter recommendations that have been previously tested and approved. Consider these suggestions and your household’s needs to find the best furnace filters for your home.

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