4 Most Common Winter Residential Plumbing Problems in Ohio

Plumbing in Dayton, OH

Homeowners in Ohio usually face a lot of bad weather during winter. This is so because during this period, the temperature drops below the freezing point, and the cold weather can ruin your home piping systems. Below are some of the most common winter residential plumbing problems.

1.Frozen Pipes

During winter, the temperature drops significantly and can cause water to freeze inside your pipes. This can lead to blockages and even burst pipes if not addressed quickly. Ensure that you have insulated your pipes well and that the house stays warm consistently to avert the occurrence of frozen pipes. To prevent the pipes from freezing, it is advisable to allow some drops of water to run on the faucets. It would also ease the pipelines for pressure relief.

2.Clogged Drains

With holiday cooking and guests visiting, there is often an increase in food waste and grease being disposed of down kitchen drains. This can lead to clogs, especially if the pipes are already experiencing reduced flow due to cold temperatures. To prevent clogs, avoid disposing of large amounts of food waste down the drain, and consider installing drain strainers to catch any debris.

3.Water Heater Issues

During winter, your water heater works overtime to provide hot water for your household. This can put extra strain on the system and cause issues such as reduced water pressure, inconsistent temperature, or even complete failure. Have your water heater serviced regularly and consider insulating the tank to improve efficiency. For Dayton, Ohio residents, Butler Heating & Air Conditioning offers professional water heater maintenance and repair services.

4.Sump Pump Failure

Heavy snow and ice buildup can lead to excess water around your home’s foundation, where a sump pump comes in handy. However, sump pumps can fail during winter due to power outages or frozen discharge lines. To prevent this, ensure your sump pump is well-maintained and consider installing a backup battery or generator.

Don’t let winter plumbing issues chill your comfort. If you’re in Dayton, Ohio, Butler Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted partner for all your plumbing, cooling, heating, and services.