What Temperature Should The Thermostat Be Set At During Winter?

Who doesn’t enjoy a comfortable home interior temperature during the winter? Making a few adjustments to the thermostat allows for setting the perfect temperature. But what is the right temperature for the winter season? Some may say the answer is a matter of preference, but homeowners should also look at their energy costs and expenditures before choosing a temperature setting.

A Recommended Temperature Setting

Several different sources suggest a temperature of 68 degrees. This temperature figure refers to a recommended temperature when people are home. Personal preferences often factor into a thermostat and temperature setting, though. Someone in your household may want the temperature to be 71 degrees. While a homeowner has the choice to set a higher temperature, this higher temperature setting could mean higher energy expenses. If 65 degrees or lower provides an appealing climate, why not go with that level?

Of course, a furnace has to work efficiently to deliver any temperature setting. Dayton residents could turn to Butler for temperature advice, heating maintenance, and repair service. We also install new heating systems.

Lower Temperatures When Away From Home

Keeping the temperature too high while no one is home wastes energy. Monthly heating bills may skyrocket. Maintaining a temperature 8 degrees higher for 10 hours a day might lead to a comfortable home to return to—but at tremendous costs. Lowering or adjusting the temperature with a smart thermostat could prove to be economically and energy-efficient. Smart thermostats might even work with an app, allowing for real-time remote changes.

Other Considerations for Temperatures

Another point worth noting is homeowners should look at special considerations when setting the thermostat. Are there pets in the house? If not, dropping the temperature down to 55 degrees might not be so bad. However, that setting could be far too low for an animal’s comfort. And what about plants? They need a decent climate to live in as well. Keep such things in mind when adjusting your thermostat settings.

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