How Does Upgrading Your Heating System Actually Save You Money?

You’ve gotten used to that old furnace. It seems to run almost fine. “Almost” means it shuts off now and then, and the system rattles. It works OK, though. So, why upgrade and pay for a new heating unit? You might find yourself saving far more money than you would by keeping the old furnace. That heater could turn into a money drain faster than you think.

Costly Repairs

The warranty only lasts so long. Some problems don’t fall under warranty coverage under any circumstances. If things start breaking down, then repair work becomes necessary. Service calls, while appreciated, cost money. A new furnace comes with a new warranty and far less of a likelihood you’ll need repair work. Take the costs for future repairs off the price of the furnace. You’ll see a less costly new heating unit. If you’re seeking heating and cooling system repair or installation services in or around Dayton, OH, turn to Butler Heating & Air Conditioning.

Fewer Repairs

Furnace problems could compound on one another. If parts break down in an old furnace, the ripple effect could lead to other troubles. Now, you’re dealing with more repairs.

Avoiding a Costly Disaster Situation

If your old heating system dies, then the heat in the home goes off. Don’t think you can rely on space heaters for long. It may take well over a week to find and install a new furnace. During that time, the pipes could freeze and burst. A cold home might become unlivable, too. Moving into a motel costs money, and the dollars spent per day for that motel room could add up.

The Importance of Safety

Old and worn-out parts can create a safety hazard. A fire resulting from a malfunctioning heating unit brings with it costly damage, which could be the very least of your problems. The same is true of gas or carbon monoxide leaks. Problems with a previously well-operating furnace could turn dangerous quicker than you think.

Now is the time to call Butler Heating & Air Conditioning. Our professionals have the training and experience to handle all of your heating and air conditioning needs. Ask about an estimate for installation and other services.