The Unique Repair Needs of Ductless Systems

The ductless HVAC system has recently gained popularity. Rather than operating via a network of channels linked to an indoor evaporation unit and air controller, a ductless system breaks down the indoor unit and fans to distribute the air conditioning all over a house. Using this kind of air conditioner in Dayton, OH, has numerous benefits, especially when it comes to efficiency. However, there are some unique needs to consider.

Water Leak Behind the Air Handlers

Every wall-mounted air handling unit has a chain of connections channeled through an opening behind them. This includes a refrigerant line, supply line, and condensate line. The latter removes moisture from the water from the refrigerating process so that it does not enter your house. However, these lines can drip. When this happens, water begins to accumulate between the wall and the air handling unit.

If not immediately noticed, the wall material can weaken, and the air controller can break and fall, causing damage to the wall and almost breaking the unit. Therefore, if you notice any leaks, request a repair right away.

Broken Air Handlers

The good news with this repair is that it is advantageous over a conventional central air handler. By this, we mean that if a single air handling unit fails due to an engine failure or other technical issues, the rest will continue to function.

The room or place that loses heating (or cooling) in this case is the part with a broken air handling unit. If a single unit stops working, ask for a repair as soon as possible; however, rest assured that you can move to another room to cool off in the meantime.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leakages are a threat to any brand of air conditioner. But, there is an additional danger when it comes to a ductless system because more refrigerant lines go to the handlers in your house.

Pay close attention to any warning signs of loss of coolant. This could decrease the cooling or heating capacity of the system or freeze the evaporator coil. Accurately locate refrigerant leaks and have them expertly repaired as soon as possible; otherwise, you run the risk of an entire system failure.

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