You may do well to invest in a mini-split AC in Springboro, OH. You may even be thinking of installing a series of ductless AC systems. The fact is that these units can accommodate a variety of situations. They’re ideal for cooling a single space, especially an outbuilding that a preexisting central AC can’t reach. They’re good for room additions, too, since the extra square footage may throw off the balance of airflow with a single-speed ducted AC.

Best of all, mini-split systems can cool virtually your whole home with minimal hassle. With just a single compressor, you can install eight air handlers. It’s how many people decide to build a home from the ground up. It’s also the only way for those with historic homes, where ducts would prove to be too invasive.

Ductless AC: Its Many Benefits

Not having ducts does make for a smoother installation process. Besides that, you have flexibility as to where to put your air handlers and compressor. Air handlers are compact and have a style that lets them blend into any room. The compressor goes outside, and you could place it where no one sees it since the refrigerant lines can extend for up to 50 feet.

Reasons you should consider installing a mini-split AC system:
  • More energy savings compared to ducted AC
  • Double the lifespan of ducted AC
  • Multiple temperature zones
  • Variable-speed operation and other capabilities

Ducts are notorious for losing cool air through cracks and holes, whereas mini splits don’t waste their energy that way. Mini-split systems won’t struggle, then, to reach your set point. Once they reach it, they don’t have to shut down either; they can slow down and run quietly in the background until the temperature rises again. This contributes to a system’s durability.

In all, you could get as much as 30 years of performance from your mini-split system, provided that you don’t use it excessively or forget annual professional maintenance. And your family members will appreciate the multi-zone cooling capability that mini-split systems have. Each air handler comes with its own thermostat.

Mini-Split AC Installation in Springboro

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