Whether or not you already have a ducted AC unit, you could do well to add a mini-split AC in Kettering, OH. For example, you may have an outbuilding like a tool shed or garage, and you know that no ducted AC system can reach that. Or you may be adding a room to your home and you know that extending the ducts to that room will throw off the air balance. That’s where ductless AC installation services become a necessity.

Ductless units come highly recommended for the owners of historic homes, too, because such homes can’t structurally support ducts. Even if they can, their value would be seriously compromised. Above all, though, many home builders go ductless to cool their entire home. It’s possible just with one compressor, which can support a maximum of eight air handlers.

Mini-Split AC Installation: Its Benefits

Ductless ACs are heat pumps, so they come with a compressor, air handler, and refrigerant line like any central heat pump. Installing these will be no sweat for a professional technician.

The air handler, for one thing, isn’t a bulky unit. Rather, you can hang it on the wall of the space you’re cooling, and its sleek style will make it blend right in. While the compressor is more on the unsightly side, it won’t have to be front and center in your yard; you can place it up to 50 feet away from the air handler.

Once you install them, mini-split systems offer these benefits:
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Quiet variable-speed operation
  • Multiple temperature zones
  • Wireless access to each thermostat

Mini-split systems eliminate the energy loss that comes with ductwork, so they don’t need to take so much time to reach your set point. As the air blows out, you can change its direction by moving the louvers on the air handler for enhanced indoor comfort. With mini-split systems, you don’t ever have to cool empty rooms either.

These units are known for their durability, which is partly due to their compact size and their variable-speed capability that minimizes wear and tear to the motor. With proper maintenance every year, you could own your mini-split system for close to 30 years.

Kettering’s Ductless AC Units

Leave your mini-split project to the NATE-certified technicians at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning. As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Preferred Contractor, we have a slew of quality products for you to choose from. We’ll supply a free estimate for the installation with no obligations attached. From start to finish, expect warm, friendly customer care. We’ve been BBB accredited since 1955, and we have an A+ rating with them.

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