You may be in a situation that calls for a mini-split AC in Huber Heights, OH. Many homeowners purchase a ductless AC for an outbuilding, such as a tool shed or detached garage, or place one in a room as an alternative to installing more ductwork.

Some new homes use mini-splits to cool every space that will see regular use. Mini-splits can act as an adequate substitute for ductless AC, especially considering how you can install eight air handlers with just one compressor.

Mini-splits are sometimes the only way to go. For example, you may own a home with historic value, and installing bulky ducts and cutting out holes for supply vents may lower that value and even weaken the overall structure. Whatever your situation is, know that mini-splits are versatile units.

Why Homeowners Choose Ductless AC

A mini-split AC installation can usually go without difficulty once you decide what brand and model to use. As with a ducted heat pump, there’s the air handler, a compressor, and refrigerant piping to install.

Since it’s meant to cool a single room, the air handler will hang on that room’s wall. The compressor, a bulky unit, goes outside. The refrigerant line between them can stretch as long as 50 feet, allowing you to keep the compressor out of view.

Buy mini-splits, though, for these reasons:
  • Big energy savings
  • Up to 30 years of performance
  • The possibility of multi-zone cooling
  • Quiet variable-speed operation

No ducts means no loss of cool air through the ducts. Mini-splits bring all their cool air into your home, which can positively impact your monthly energy bill. Since each air handler has its thermostat, you can avoid cooling unoccupied rooms, contributing to the savings.

On top of that, mini-splits are durable, though the 30-year average lifespan depends on whether or not you get regular maintenance for yours.

Unlike most ducted heat pumps, which are single-speed, mini-splits can slow their speed when it’s cool rather than shut down and start up when the temperature rises one degree. Variable speed technology cuts out the wear and tear of continual start-ups and significantly extends the system’s life.

Huber Heights Mini-Split AC Installation

Butler Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving homeowners since 1949, and we’re mini-split experts. We carry energy-efficient products from Mitsubishi Electric and others.

You can trust us for professional AC services and warm customer care; our technicians are NATE-certified, highly trained, and respectful of customers’ property.

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