Your home could do well with a mini-split AC in Centerville, OH. Perhaps you want cool air in your tool shed or garage because you work so frequently in there. Or maybe you’re going to add a sunroom to your home, and you’re looking to avoid the hassle of extending your ductwork.

The fact is that ductless AC can work for the entire home just as well as for a single space. Many people building a new home opt for ductless air conditioners because of their many advantages, which we’ll outline below. With just one compressor unit, you could hook up eight air handlers; that means eight rooms get cool air.

Ductless AC and Its Advantages

You may be surprised at how hassle-free a mini-split AC installation is. The air handler is a compact device that you’ll hang on the wall or from the ceiling, and a hole three inches in diameter will allow the refrigerant line to connect it with the compressor. This line can be as long as 50 feet, giving you the chance to put that compressor in a place hidden from sight. The technicians will hook up a thermostat to every air handler.

This is actually one of the advantages of a mini-split: multi-zone cooling. Every room can have a unique set point based on the preference of the one inside that room. It means personalized comfort.

Mini-splits come with these benefits, too:
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Variable-speed capability
  • Directional airflow and wireless access
  • A lifespan averaging 30 years with maintenance

You’ll save a lot each month with mini-splits because they won’t let their cool air escape before it enters the home. Such energy loss is common in ducted systems. Variable-speed operation can cut down on wear and tear by not shutting your system down each time it achieves the set point. Starting up repeatedly causes more wear and tear on the system than continuously running at a very low speed. Mini-splits are durable, though it’s still important not to overuse them if you want to get the most out of them.

Centerville’s Mini-Split AC Installation Pros

Butler Heating & Air Conditioning is your source for ductless mini-splits. We carry many Mitsubishi Electric products and can fit you with something within your budget, though we can set up financing on approved credit. We’ve been around since 1949, and our technicians are NATE-certified.

Butler Heating & Air Conditioning can send a technician to your Centerville home and give a free mini-split AC estimate, so call today to get reliable AC services in Centerville.