How Does an HVAC System Work?

Unless you experience an issue with your HVAC system, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about how a few taps on a thermostat results in warm or cool air flowing throughout your home. By understanding your HVAC system more completely, though, you can have a greater appreciation for the comfort of your Dayton home and participate in the ongoing care of your HVAC system more fully. Here is a basic explanation of how an HVAC system keeps your home at just the right temperature:

It Starts With a Signal

Resistive metals in your thermostat sense the temperature in the room. When the air temperature drifts away from the set temperature, the thermostat sends an electrical signal to your HVAC system that starts the necessary components.

For a furnace, this includes the gas valve, the flue exhaust and the blower fan. For an air conditioner, this includes the condenser and the blower fan. The blower fan must run anytime the system is on. This component pulls air in through the return vents and sends it cycling through the system.

Clean, Moving Air

As air is drawn in, it first passes through an air filter. This removes large dust particles and other debris that would clog your HVAC system and ducts if it was allowed to pass through. Then, the blower fan blades accelerate the air, sending it through the heating and cooling area of your HVAC system.

This area is where the air meets either the cold refrigerant of your air conditioner or the hot coils or heat exchanger of your furnace. In the case of the furnace, heat is added to the air. The air conditioner evaporator, on the other hand, removes heat from the air, lowering its temperature.

Wherever You Wish

After the air exits the heating and cooling chamber, it passes through a series of ducts until it is sent through vents to various rooms in your Dayton home. The ducts gradually decrease in size, depending on how many rooms are located “downwind” of that particular location.

If a vent is closed, the extra capacity causes an increase in air volume through the other vents, allowing the other rooms to warm up or cool off more quickly. And just like that, you have a comfortable home.

Everything Working Together

In order to maintain a comfortable temperature, each component of your HVAC system must work flawlessly. That’s where we come in. At Butler Heating & Air Conditioning, our licensed technicians understand what it takes to keep an HVAC system operating year-round.

With services that include repair, replacement and preventative maintenance of all types of HVAC systems, we can work with you to meet your needs. As the proud recipient of a Better Business Bureau Eclipse Integrity Award and an Angie’s List Super Service Award, our team stands out from the competition. There’s no time like right now to give us a call.