A heat pump installation in Miamisburg, OH can lower energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and provide a reliable heating and cooling system for any home. Homeowners throughout the United States have exchanged outdated heating systems for this efficient and cleaner energy solution.

The minimal need for heat pump repair and moderate maintenance costs make them even more desirable. Always hire a trained technician for installation, repairs, and heat pump maintenance to keep your system working efficiently.

Installation and Heat Pump Repair

Homeowners will appreciate how quickly and easily a technician can install and set up a heat pump. The process requires the homeowner to have an interior and exterior unit. The interior unit includes the controls and fan that release the heated and cooled air. The outside unit helps transfer the air between the interior and the exterior and stores the refrigerant and the motor. Having a unit outside allows air transference, and it also helps to reduce the noise level inside the home. The inside unit mounts on a bracket on the wall, while the exterior sits on the ground next to the house.

Installation requires the technician to drill a small hole into the wall. This hole is for the electrical wires that connect the units. The hole will also provide a space for the drainage line that removes any condensation created during operation. During the installation, the technician will also ensure the outside unit is level and that both pieces attach securely. After installation, your technician will assist with any recommended maintenance you may need.

Over time, heat pumps can develop issues. If you notice a problem with your unit, reach out to one of our technicians right away to schedule repairs.

The following signs may indicate the need for a heat pump repair.
  • Leaks around interior unit
  • Electrical component failure
  • Ice buildup outside
  • Broken thermostat
  • Uneven heating or cooling

Heat Pump Installation in Miamisburg

At Butler Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve helped residents around the Miamisburg area have comfortable homes for about 75 years. Our team has remained updated on the latest technology to ensure we can offer our customers the best heating and cooling solutions.

We employ trained technicians who arrive on time and complete all projects efficiently. We’ve earned and maintained our company nickname, the “Home of the Dependables,” since our business began. Our team offers 24-hour repair service to ensure everyone gets the help they need.

If you’re ready to schedule a heat pump installation or repair and other heating services in Miamisburg, then contact Butler Heating & Air Conditioning today.