Different Thermostat Settings and What They Mean

Thermostat Settings in Dayton, OH

How your HVAC system works essentially depends on your thermostat settings. The thermostat usually tells your system whether to warm or cool your house. In addition, your thermostat will deactivate the system to attain the desired temperature levels.

Understanding the right settings for a certain season will help you save on energy bills while making it so you can enjoy a refreshing homestay. Here are some of the thermostat modes and what they mean.

Auto Setting

When you set your thermostat to operate on auto mode, you can adjust the working of the compressor and fans. Once your home attains the desired temperature, the system will automatically stop. However, the fans adjust to run for a while to maintain the set temperature levels then stop.

This helps you save some money since running the fans will consume less energy.

On Mode

Your air conditioning system is set to operate continuously to achieve the desired temperature levels in this setting. However, your fans will continue running as the compressor turns off.

The fans will help you keep the conditioned air in circulation. This mode consumes considerable energy, though, as the fans run continuously 24/7.

Eco Mode

Modern HVAC systems have this thermostat mode. With this model, you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing homestay with reduced energy consumption.

Typically, this mode allows your system to achieve a higher degree than the set one. Once the system attains the set temperature, the compressor deactivates, and the fan speed is maintained.

Maintaining the speed of your fans helps your system maintain the desired temperatures without using extra power.

Turbo Setting

In this mode, you can achieve your desired house temperature levels within the shortest possible time frame. In addition, Turbo mode allows your system to run at a maximum speed, so the system achieves the set temperature levels within a minimal time frame.

This mode has one major drawback. It uses more power, so it’ll lead to increased utility bills. However, it’s ideal when you need instant cooling or heating. It would be best to turn this mode off on achieving the set temperature levels.

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