How to Know Which AC System Is Best for You

AC System in Dayton, OH

Just as there are many types of living environments, there are many different kinds of AC systems designed to meet specific requirements. Here are some of the most common AC systems and a short discussion to help you determine which type would be the wisest choice for your home.

Central AC Unit

A central AC system operates from a big compressor outside your home, pumping air through ducts and out through vents into every room. Since it’s reliable and works exceptionally well, this type of AC is quite popular. However, a central AC unit isn’t necessarily right for everyone. If you own an older home, for example, refitting your property to have the necessary components installed can be a waste of time and money. In newer homes, installation is a much smoother process.

Window AC

Sometimes, the classic window AC is simply the way to go. It’s the perfect option when your budget is low, and you don’t have the means to make changes to your living space. If your home is relatively small, a window AC is often all you need to get the job done. Best of all, installation is a breeze.

Ductless AC System

One of the biggest benefits of having a ductless split system is the ability to control the unique temperatures in individual rooms. Although multiple units have to be installed, the system is as effective as central AC and not quite as expensive. If you own an older home that does not have a ductwork system already in place, a ductless split system is a great option. This equipment is also quite energy efficient, which benefits the environment.

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