4 Simple Steps to Reignite Your Furnace DIY Style

Reignite Your Furnace in Dayton

Sometimes the pilot light on gas furnaces will go out. When that happens, you will need to restart it yourself. Here is how to do so safely in 4 easy steps.

Step 1. Find the Instructions

All furnaces have the instructions for the pilot light somewhere near the controls. Bring a flashlight, and be sure to read the whole thing several times before trying to turn on the furnace. If your instructions have faded, the manufacturer may have them online. You can then place a copy in a safe area to consult.

Step 2. Turn Off the Gas

Inside most furnaces, you will find a switch or dial. This switch is typically labeled with ‘on,’ ‘off,’ and ‘pilot.’ You will want this set to off. This is to give the gas time to dissipate before you try to light it again. You need to wait at least 5 minutes. Take this time to find the reset button. This will let you light the pilot light.

Step 3. Relight

After 5 minutes, turn the pilot light switch to the ‘pilot’ setting. Then, hold down the reset button while you bring a lit match to the area. This should relight it. Keep the reset button held down until you see a strong flame.

Step 4. Check the Flame

Once the flame is strong, release the button and switch to the ‘on’ setting. Your furnace should kick on. If it doesn’t, try lighting it again. If it doesn’t stay lit after 2 attempts, it is time to call in a professional.

Contact the Pros

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