What’s the Best Temperature for Sleeping?

Optimal Sleeping Temperature in Dayton, OH

Getting a good night’s rest every night is critical to your health and well-being. Sleep medicine physicians recommend setting up your bedroom with optimal sleep hygiene. One of the main parts of sleep hygiene is the temperature of your bedroom. Use these tips to find your ideal sleeping temperature so that you can get the quantity and quality of sleep your body needs.

Start Lower Than You Think

During the day, you’re more active. Your body’s metabolism is faster than it is at night. The metabolism and your movement make you feel warm and alert. Conversely, your body’s metabolism slows in the evening. Your internal temperature drops by about a degree, which helps trigger sleepiness. You’ll sleep better at a lower air temperature. Set your thermostat between 64 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Make Small Adjustments

After trying a temperature between 64 and 67-degrees Fahrenheit for a few nights, make small adjustments to find the best temperature. If you’re still too warm at 67 degrees, set the thermostat just one degree lower. If you have a sleep partner who prefers a different temperature, you may have to negotiate or make adjustments with blankets.

Consider Ventilation

If you lower the thermostat to 64 degrees and you’re still too warm, consider adding some ventilation. Airflow dissipates your body heat and helps you feel cooler. An attic, ceiling, or box fan could help. Consider switching to cotton or bamboo pajamas and linens. A gel mattress will also help distribute and release body heat. Memory foam mattresses and toppers trap heat, so experiment with and without those sleep aids to see what works best.

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