Why Does My Thermostat Click When It Comes On?

Your thermostat plays an important role as the regulator of temperature inside your home, but it can also make some odd sounds every now and then. Have you ever wondered why your thermostat makes loud clicking noises? Learning how thermostats work will help you better understand what is going on with your HVAC system.

When to Expect Thermostat Clicking

Most people report hearing a click when their thermostat turns on, but this is technically false. Your thermostat is actually always on as it monitors the air temperatures in your home. The click you hear is actually a signal that your air conditioner or heater is turning on. Most people will hear it when your system first turns on, and there may be some clicking when the system turns off as well.

The Reason Your Thermostat Clicks

The underlying cause of a clicking thermostat is purely mechanical. A thermostat has a circuit inside it that is connected whenever your thermostat realizes it needs to change the temperature. As the two small relays inside connect and disconnect, you can hear a tiny “thunk” from them moving. This is perfectly normal, and it usually means your thermostat is working how it should. Almost all thermostats will click, but you may not hear the click every time if you have a well-insulated thermostat.

When Thermostat Clicking Might Mean There’s a Problem

A thermostat clicking is normally typical, but you might want to use Butler Heating & Air Conditioning‘s Dayton HVAC repair services if your thermostat is clicking constantly. This may be a sign your system is constantly cycling on and off, which may be a cause for concern. You may also have a problem if your thermostat is clicking but your air conditioner or heater is not turning on.

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