Tips for Changing Your Furnace Filter

The transition into autumn means that it’s time to start thinking about furnace maintenance for your Dayton, OH, area home. Your furnace filter requires a monthly check. Our technicians at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning offer these tips on how to change your furnace filter so that you can enjoy a comfortable and healthy home this fall and winter.

Locate the Filter’s Housing

Before changing your furnace filter, turn off the power to the furnace. You can do this at the circuit breaker or with the power switch on the furnace. It’s best to wait for a heating cycle to end before cutting the power. The air filter typically has its own housing. The filter chamber typically has a screw, magnet or clamp holding the housing door shut. You may need a screwdriver to open the housing door. If you’re not sure where the air filter’s housing is located, your furnace’s owner’s manual should show a diagram of where it is. Our technicians can also show you where the filter is during your furnace tune-up.

Remove the Old Filter

Put on a dust mask before removing the old filter. Jostling the filter could release some dust particles. After opening the housing door, observe the filter’s orientation. Most filters are marked with directional arrows. The filter should slide out of its slot. If the filter is more than three months old, replace it. If it’s not yet three months old, check it for dust and debris. Dirty disposable filters should be placed in the trash.

Insert the New Filter

Position the new filter in the correct orientation. Slide it into the filter housing. Close the filter housing. Restore power to the furnace. Check the new filter monthly, and replace it every three months or sooner if it’s dirty.

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