How to Know When My Water Heater Needs Replacing

December 17, 2018

Hot water is a necessity in most homes. It is provided by a water heater. Hot water heaters come in a variety of styles and well as a variety of fuel options. No matter what type you have, you want it to work and it is important to understand what some of the warning signs are that you may need to replace the water heater that you have. Water is on the Floor Any water on the floor under or near your water heater is not a good sign. It can be caused by several different issues but it is best to contact your plumber or HVAC technician to have it diagnosed. No Hot Water When you turn on the tap and the hot water is not hot, that is not something that anyone wants to have happened. A cold shower is never a good way to start the day. Murky or Foul Smelling water This is a serious issue and may be the result of mineral deposits that have eroded the interior of the tank and should be addressed immediately. Noises Coming From Tank If you are hearing sounds that are not normal coming from your water heater it...

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