What is Preventative Maintenance?

June 12, 2018

Preventative maintenance is a check on your AC system, once a year or twice a year, in order to ensure that it’s in top working order. Checks are usually done in the fall for heating and in the spring for air conditioning. Preventative maintenance on your HVAC system will help make sure it lasts longer, provide cost savings and will keep you comfortable year round. What Will a Technician Do? With preventative maintenance, a professional will come in and look at your system and check controls and connections. They will take a look at the area and the ductwork and help ensure proper airflow. If they notice any issue, they will go ahead and fix it or schedule a repair. Many times with preventative maintenance checks, an issue is caught early before it turns into a larger repair need. Technicians will look at the thermostat settings and help you get optimal heating and cooling, as well as improvements on your energy bills. When you have a preventative maintenance contract with a company, many times, they will offer you a discount on parts needed in order to repair your system and you will also get priority service for these repairs. What...

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