Freon Health Risks – What You Need To Know

June 23, 2015

Within our homes most of us, unknowingly, have at least one and possibly two potential sources of exposure to Freon leaks. This can occur from our fridges or our air conditioning systems. The potential risk of exposure to Freon and health issues should be understood by everyone. The term CFCs is one that many people are aware of due to bad press over the years. This stands for chlorofluorocarbons which come in either liquid or gas form, are color less and generally non-flammable. The main risk is for people who work within the refrigeration or air conditioning industries as they are more likely to be exposed to these gases. It is therefore important that they have at least an annual check up to ensure they remain fit and well. This is particularly important if the worker has any heart related problems as Freon can cause arrhythmia’s, irregular heartbeats. More Freon Health Concerns To Know Freon exposure can also cause dizziness, a reduction in concentration and coordination and eventually asphyxia if the exposure continues. All of this could be picked up at a medical check and the problem easily resolved. When caught early, there don’t seem to be any long term...

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