How Many Watts Does an Air Conditioner Use?

Energy Consumption in Dayton, Ohio

Determining how many watts an air conditioner uses per hour can be very helpful if you want to estimate what it will cost to operate it. This is also important if you want to have a backup generator. If you intend to employ your generator to run your air conditioner, you’ll need to know how many watts the AC uses. This measurement will vary depending on the efficiency, age and size of the unit.

General Watt Usages

Different sizes of AC units obviously have different wattages. Here is a general list of watt usage per hour:

  • Central AC: 3500 watts
  • Central AC with fan only: 750 watts
  • Mid-sized portable AC unit: 2900 watts
  • Large portable AC: up to 4100 watts
  • Small window AC: 500 watts
  • Medium window AC: 900 watts
  • Large window AC: 1440 watts

Factors That Determine Actual Power Consumption

The actual amount of energy used depends on a number of factors. How often your air conditioner cycles on will affect the power usage and how much you pay. In cooler climates, your air conditioner may only turn on for 15 minutes every hour. A hotter climate will demand a greater power consumption. The efficiency of your unit will also affect the power usage. Older units will typically use more power. Poorly maintained or dirty units are also less efficient. If you want to save money on your energy bill, a more efficient air conditioner may help.

Your Reliable Professional Resource

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