Boilers in Centerville, OH Boilers are the heart of heating systems in households. Residents of Centerville, OH, are in great hands with us at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning. Our boiler installation services in Centerville are dependable and top-quality. We understand the complex process of shopping and buying a boiler for your household. We dedicate our experts to helping you find the right boiler for your home.

    We Install High Quality Boiler Brands

    Lochinvar — Lochinvar’s KNIGHT boiler is recognized for its reliable, proven performance and high quality standards. Its award-winning design assures homeowners peace of mind and long-term savings in operating costs.

    Weil-McLain® — Constructed of highly durable components, our high efficiency gas boilers delivery quiet, consistent warmth.

    Best Boilers in Centerville

    WM HellCat Butler heating and air conditioning believe in using the best boiler in the market for our clients. There are many factors to consider before choosing a boiler to install in your home. Boiler installation can be costly, and we intend to make it easy for you with our fast, efficient, and clean.

    The best time to replace or install a new boiler is over the summer. It is less complex since the need for heating is minimal. However, when your boiler breaks, it is best to repair or replace it immediately. Replacing a faulty boiler is cheaper than getting a different boiler for your home.

    There are different types of boilers that you can get for your Centerville home, depending on how much water you use or the space you have.

    Your Trusted Boiler Installation Team

    Before buying a boiler, there are many factors to consider. It is best to ask for a professional opinion before getting yourself a new boiler system. Our company is always eager to assist our clients in the whole process of buying, setting up, or replacing a boiler system.

    Factors to consider before buying a boiler:
    • Boiler Size – Depending on your home’s size and hot water needs, you need to buy a boiler that effectively meets your needs without much strain
    • Location of Installation – Most homeowners prefer setting up in the kitchen with the correct pipework. However, the are some boiler systems that cannot fit in the kitchen
    • Reliability – You wouldn’t want to get a new boiler only for it to break down shortly after. It would be best to invest in a reliable boiler to avoid unnecessary stress and inconveniences
    • Energy Efficiency – Saving energy can allow you to cut down the cost of energy bills every month. We have in-stock energy saving boiler systems for your home

    With Butler Heating & Air Conditioning, our 30 years of experience in Centerville makes us the right company for your heating and air conditioning needs. Contact us today!