Why Does Your Home Have Low Water Pressure?

Faucet with Low Water Pressure in Dayton, OH

Most homeowners have experienced low water pressure at one point or another. Whether you’re trying to wash dishes or you need a shower, you notice that you’re not getting adequate pressure to get the job done. There could be several reasons you’re having issues with your pressure level.

Start By Assessing Your Water Conditions

To help narrow down the cause of your low water pressure, you’ll first need to evaluate your water conditions. Use more than one faucet to verify that your low water pressure is happening at each different faucet. If it’s only happening at one faucet, it could be a problem with the fixture itself or the part of your water line that goes specifically to that fixture.

Apart from checking different fixtures to verify whether you’re having a problem with your entire system or just one fixture, you’ll also want to check your water pressure on both cold and hot settings. If your water pressure is only low when you have your fixture set on hot, then it’s obvious that you only have a problem with your hot water line as opposed to your main water line.

Top Reasons For Low Water Pressure

If you live in an urban area where you are relying on city water, the cause of your low water pressure could be a citywide problem. Check with your neighbors to see if they have low water pressure as well to verify that it’s not a plumbing problem but a city issue. If they have good water pressure in their homes, then you can narrow it down to being an issue solely with your home.

As a homeowner, you might want to check the valve of your main water supply line. Make sure that it is set to the fullest open position. If your water valve is set to the fullest open position, then it’s likely you have more of an in-depth problem that should be assessed by a plumbing professional.

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