What is a Variable Air Volume System?


The modern construction industry demands extreme comfort and energy efficiency. That is why engineers are continually developing new HVAC units to combat the disadvantages of older models. Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems are a new technology used for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.

How Does a Variable Air Volume System Work?

The primary variable air volume system comprises a supply duct, which distributes air that is about 550 degrees Fahrenheit when in cooling mode. Since the air supply in these units is constant, the flow rate varies to attain the desired temperatures. VAV boxes have a few simple parts, including the damper and a coil for heating and cooling. They also have zone controllers with built-in actuators to maintain area temperature by regulating the airflow.

The damper never closes because you will need some fresh air to enter the area. If your house in the Dayton area experiences an abrupt heat gain and the temperature rises above the desired threshold, the damper opens up to permit more air into the room. It cools the room and forces out all hot air into the return duct. When it’s too hot, the damper opens completely to let in enough cold air.

Since a building’s ventilation system is connected to several VAV terminals, they adjust the load throughout the day by opening and closing accordingly. The fans push air into the supply duct to pressurize it. When several VAV dampers open, the pressure inside the duct drops, and when they close, the pressure increases.

Benefits of Using Variable Air Volume Systems

Every variable air volume system controls the airflow depending on the individual zones. Therefore, it can easily accommodate a low demand in one part of the house and a high demand in another region. By doing so, the unit ensures the comfort of all users simultaneously. That is why VAVs are popular in offices and commercial buildings.

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