Preparing Your Tool Box: 14 Tools That Every Homeowner Should Own

Preparing Your Tool Box: 14 Tools That Every Homeowner Should Own

With the right set of tools, any homeowner can be ready for almost anything life throws their way. Regardless of whether or not you’re handy when it comes to building or repair, having a set of basic tools will help ensure that you’re ready for the basic upkeep that is required of every homeowner. If you’re a first time homeowner and are looking for a list of essential tools, this is a comprehensive list that will help save you time and money with basic housework and furniture assembly.

Essential tools that all homeowners should have

Claw Hammer – From a simple nail in the wall to hang a picture to major renovations, the claw hammer is an absolute must for all homeowners. Almost every project requires a hammer to some extent and thus no toolbox is complete without a claw hammer.

Screwdriver Set – As screws come in all shapes and sizes, it helps to have a set of screwdrivers that is ready for any job. Make sure to get a set of tiny screwdrivers for devices such as remotes and smoke detectors. A set will also include your standard phillips head screwdriver as well as a flathead screwdriver so that you can be prepared for any project.

Tape Measurer – In any task, precision is key. Always stick to the montra – “Measure twice, cut once.”

Power Drill – For those projects that just can’t be completed manually with a screwdriver, a multi-purpose power drill can help with more heavy duty holes and fastenings. From installing handles on your cabinets to building out a wood deck, a power drill is a major life and time saver for all homeowners.

Level – Never wonder to yourself, “Is that straight?”, again. A level will tell you whether that framed photo you just placed on your wall is straight or whether it is leaning even the slightest bit to the left or right.

Adjustable Wrench – Great for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts as well as virtually all items, an adjustable wrench is ideal for a homeowner looking for a versatile tool.

Allen Wrench Set – A universal allen wrench set will help pickup any project that cannot be completed with a screwdriver.

Extension Cord – Your tools are no good if they cannot reach the area of your home that needs work. You can never have too many extension cords for your indoor and outdoor work.

C-Clamp – Great for handling projects alone, a c-clamp will grab hold of whatever you’re working on so you can work with the precision you need.

Ladders – From cleaning gutters to grabbing down large pans from over your cabinets, a ladder is essential to managing your home inside and out. Get a step ladder for inside the home so you don’t have to carry around a clunky outdoor ladder.

Pliers – Great for getting a grip on projects and home improvements. Pliers allow you to hold, twist and pull smaller objects with the strength of your entire forearm.

Utility Knife – A utility knife is great for precise cutting and opening up packages.

Hacksaw – From metal to wood, a hacksaw can help you deal with fallen branches or ill-fitting pipes or tubes throughout your house.

Flashlight – While you’re using your other tools, you have to be able to see what you’re doing. There are plenty of areas in and around your home that get less than ideal lighting, especially if you’re working on a project. Flashlights are also a safeguard in case of a power outage. This is why it is recommended to have a flashlight at your bedside and dispersed strategically throughout your house.

As you’re putting together your perfect toolbox, don’t forget that there are other tools you can utilize as a homeowner to keep your home comfortable and secure. Butler Heating & Air Conditioning has been a tool that Dayton locals have relied on to maintain their home’s HVAC systems to retain their home’s equity and comfort. Call us to schedule a spring maintenance appointment at (937) 660-8686.