Should I Turn My AC Off While On Vacation?

Inside of a homeTurning off your AC while you are away may seem like the economic thing to do but that is not always the case. Cooling your home to the comfortable temperature is wasteful and unnecessary. If you are going on vacation, you should set the AC to a higher temperature than you usually do. You can use a programmable thermostat to set the desired temperatures at different times. Another way to increase efficiency and reduce the strain on your air conditioner is by keeping all curtains closed.

Factors That Determine Whether to Switch Off Your AC While on Vacation

Check the forecast for the weather during the period you will be away. If the temperatures are expected to be moderate, it is wise to turn the AC completely off. If, however, temperatures are expected to be very high, then you need to leave it on. Air conditioners facilitate the circulation of air and removal of humidity in your home. If you switch off your AC and the humidity gets too high, it may lead to structural damages to your home including the growth of mold, swelling doors, peeling paint, cracking plaster, and buckling of wooden floors. If the temperatures get too hot, the food in your pantry could get spoiled. If you have wine bottles, the corks could come off and possibly cause damage.

General Efficiency
Homes that have proper attic insulation, minimal air infiltration, and energy-efficient windows are better equipped to handle the buildup of heat. If your home is one of such, then it may be okay to turn off you’re your AC. Remember that turning off your AC if your home is not properly insulated could damage your refrigerator. If your home gets too hot, the refrigerator will have to work harder than usual to stay cool. Too much strain could damage it.

Items at Home
Think about the items you have at home, especially the valuable ones. Could they be damaged by heat? If your aim is to save energy, think about the energy costs in relation to the cost of your valuable items.

Ultimately, using a programmable thermostat is the perfect solution whether you intend to switch your AC off or just turn the thermostat up. You can use the ‘Vacation hold’ option. It turns the temperatures up while you are away and normal on the day you return.

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