Keep Your Dayton Home Energy Efficient

Boosting your home’s energy efficiency overall is one of the best ways to save on cooling costs over the Ohio summer. We’re here to help you make sure that is doable, and to make sure you stay cool and comfortable in your home on the hottest summer days. Try the following:
· Having your air conditioner maintained on a regular basis. Professional maintenance will ensure the system is working at its peak performance and is as efficient as possible. For service for air conditioning Miami Valley locals trust, contact Butler Heating & AC.
· Insulate your home. Make sure your attic, walls, and floors have the recommended R-value for your area. Install low-E windows and fiberglass doors, and make sure windows have sufficient caulking around them and doors have quality weatherstripping around them for a good seal.
· Plant big, shady trees to block the sun from sides of your home that get hit with the most heat. Plant deciduous trees so that in the winter, they lose their leaves and let the sunlight through to warm your home.
· Try to avoid generating any additional heat in your home. Don’t keep all of the lights on when you’re not in the room, avoid using the oven and stove when possible (grill instead), and dry clothes on a clothesline so your air conditioner isn’t fighting the dryer trying to keep your home cool.
Contact Butler Heating & Air Conditioning for any questions you may have regarding the energy efficiency in your Ohio home or for ways we can help you improve your efficiency!