Home Heating Myths You Should Avoid

Home Heating Myths You Should Avoid

We have neared the winter season which means heating systems are primed up to work overtime for the same level of warmth. But instead of worrying about monthly utility bills, there are some changes you can make to save on energy and money. One has to do away with these home heating myths.

Myths about Fireplaces

Fireplaces or modern wood stoves seem cool and classy for heating the home, but they aren’t so kind on one’s wallet. The wood furnace needs oxygen for combustion and if the indoor heater is on, the supplied air from the heater goes directly to the wood furnace. This means your electric heater works twice as much to provide the same level of warm air, thus higher utility bills.

Cranking the Thermostat

Turning the thermostat all the way up never means your house will get heated quicker. This is totally false and never works at any point. The HVAC systems, at least the modern ones, are equipped to automatically regulate heating with relation to room temperature. Cranking the unit up will only make the heating system provide excess and unnecessary heat which will result into a waste of energy and high energy bills.

Leaving a Constant Temperature Setting

Having the thermostat at a preferred reading, say 68degrees, is beneficial when you are around, but when you are away, this same temperature level will lead to energy wastage. When no one is in the room or house, the room can still be warmed but at a lower temperature level. The heater running at low calibrations saves money, and you can turn the degrees back up when you come back home.

Energy Efficient Windows Make the Difference

To some degree this statement is true but not entirely. Changing to energy saving windows is a good idea, but there are other home improvement priorities like replacing air sealing or improving home insulation. Even a simple upgrade on home insulation is enough to promote energy saving; this could be sealing up cracks, ducts, wall gaps or replacing pipe cutouts.

Taking some measures to provide the best heating for your house is a good idea. However, you should be careful not to go overboard with the above explained myths. Follow our blog today to unravel additional myths to avoid and also get first-hand energy saving tips.