Breaking Down Persistent Air Conditioning Myths

Breaking Down Persistent Air Conditioning Myths

We may be living in a modern age but myths still exist in different form. These untruths are pervasive because we hear them all the time until we think that they must be right. However, the frequency of tale doesn’t make it come true. This is especially applicable when it comes to technologies and our misconceptions about them. Air conditioning myths continue to plague many households like the ones mentioned below. Let’s see what’s really behind these ideas:

Myth 1: Go Lower to Cool Faster?

The sun can be harsh in the summer. Once you get home, you just want the comfort of a cool room to make you forget the heat and sweat. The problem is that air conditioners can take a while to lower the temperature to your desired setting. A lot of folks think that you can speed up this cooling process by setting the temperature way down. The reality is that you can make the system work harder by doing this but you will not be able to cool things any faster. The rate is set at a constant pace.

Myth 2: Keep It Steady for Efficiency?

We are often told to keep the air conditioner running steady instead of switching between on and off. The reasoning behind this is that the start up process requires higher power than maintaining a steady temperature. Yet the reality is that a system that is completely off will consume a lot less power than a unit that is on all day long. If you are going to school or to work, then it makes sense to turn it off in the meantime and just have it on when you get back.

Myth 3: Fresh Air from Where?

If you want fresh air, then you need to open your windows to let it in. Just don’t expect it to come from the air conditioner because that is not how it works. A/Cs cool down the existing air inside a room and that’s why it feels fresh and crisp.

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