AC Filters Are Important for Your Home

Air filters are often an afterthought for many homeowners. These filters are very important for your cooling system, however. If you want to keep a well-maintained unit, you need to change your filters regularly. They help to filter out dust and debris from the air in your home and promote healthy indoor air quality in other ways. Here’s more information about what air filters do for you and your home:

Protecting Your Cooling System

Many things can damage your AC system, including dust and debris. A buildup of dust can even clog up important components in your unit. A clean air filter will stop these harmful particles from reaching the interior of your cooling system.

In some cases, a new filter can save you money by avoiding costly repairs. If you need help replacing your air filter in Dayton, you need to contact the professional team at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning.

Improving the Quality of Air

You want to have the cleanest air in your home for your family. When you operate your AC unit, all that air in the home passes through the air filter. You want to make sure the filter is clean and not passing through dirt and debris on the way to ductwork and vents. The filter removes these harmful particles from the air.

With a new filter, your system will be able to pull in more air and catch all those airborne irritants. Filters can help to improve airflow throughout your home. When you need a maintenance call in Dayton, contact the professionals at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning.

Keeping Your AC Unit Working Properly

Dust and debris buildup can cause your air conditioning system to work harder. This added stress causes an increased workload on the motor and other components. To reduce the workload, you should think about replacing your filters every one to three months. If you need some assistance with the maintenance of your cooling system, you can contact Butler Heating & Air Conditioning for a service call in Dayton.

Clean air filters are essential for your cooling system because you want to have healthy air in your home. Our trained technicians are ready to help you with the maintenance of your system. When you need to schedule routine maintenance for your home, call the team at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning.