What Causes Toilet Leaks?

When you own a home, some things are just inevitable. For instance, at some point, you will probably have to deal with a leaky toilet. If that happens, you cannot leave it unattended since it will cause water damage. However, finding the reason for a leak is often easier said than done. The following are a few common causes of toilet leaks.

Broken Tank

If a toilet tank experiences an accidental impact, then a crack may form and result in continuous leaking. In this case, the toilet’s fill valve will continue to perform its job of replenishing the tank’s water despite the broken tank, and this causes the leak. Sometimes, these cracks are so slight that it’s hard to see them with the naked eye. If your toilet is leaking, check carefully for a crack. You may be able to seal it with silicone sealant or plumbers’ putty if the crack is small. If it’s large, however, you’ll probably just want to replace the tank, which a professional can do for you.

A Stuck Flapper

When the flapper becomes stuck, it can cause a big loss of water. Most of the time, this happens when the flush handle sticks. In this case, it stays in the down position instead of returning to the flush position. Meanwhile, the toilet’s fill valve continues sending water to the tank. It’s often mineral deposits that cause the flapper to become stuck, so you may be able to remove them to resolve the issue. If not, reach out to a professional plumber for assistance with this.

Supply Line Problems

When a toilet begins to leak, the cause is often a faulty supply line. The joints of the supply line can wear out or just become loose. When either situation occurs, water seeps through. Supply lines have a rubber lining that’s supposed to prevent this, but the lining can also rupture or wear out. Depending on the type of damage that has developed, you may need to replace a few parts or the entire line.

Professional Help

Not all of us are DIY types. If you’ve been searching for the source of your toilet leak without success, then call a professional to help you. At Butler Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help with all types of service calls, including for residential heating and cooling systems and commercial HVAC systems. We also offer preventative maintenance agreements. Contact us to set up an appointment in Dayton, OH, today.