What Is Two-Stage Heating?

December 21, 2015

Single-stage heating furnaces are popular in hot, humid areas as well as those with cold winter climates. These are designed to offer indoor comfort for very hot and cold days. This means that the HVAC systems operate at full capacity, even when it’s not necessary. This is where two-stage heating and cooling units come in to help save resources. What is Two-Stage Heating? Single stage units are designed to offer the maximum heating level that the furnace can yield, irrespective of outdoor and indoor temperature levels.  This means that when the furnace turns on, it disperses the maximum amount of energy it is designed to produce. As such, this could result in high energy bills. Multi-stage HVAC systems are named according to the number of levels of operation. Unlike their single stage counterparts, 2-stage HVAC units have two levels of cool and heat output. When the temperature is mild, the systems operate on low and can adjust to high if conditions change. The first stage of such furnaces operates most of the time in many climates, and usually runs at about 65% of the unit’s capacity. The second stage provides additional heating when the first stage becomes insufficient to heat...

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