My Thermostat Stopped Working – HELP!

August 20, 2016

A dysfunctional HVAC system can often cause a lot of discomfort in a home. Whether it’s an unbearable cold temperature or a sticky warm breeze, we rely on our heaters and air conditioners to keep our indoors as comfortable as possible. But there are times when these appliances don’t deliver the kind of satisfaction we are looking for. Often the cause behind this is a faulty thermostat. Troubleshoot Your Thermostat Here are some easy to follow steps to help you troubleshoot your home thermostat: Change the thermostat batteries. There are a number of different thermostats available in the market, so before you go ahead and wrench out the panel in your wall, make sure you know where the batteries are located. Modern thermostats or “smart thermostats” don’t come installed with batteries, so you might need to call in an expert. However, most systems still run off of batteries. A simple replacement of the worn out cells can have your home feeling as snug and cozy as ever. Thoroughly clean thermostat. As with most electrical appliances, dust and dirt can collect in the interior, causing them to display inaccurate readings. Using a soft dry brush or cloth, it is important to...

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