How to Detect HVAC Inspection Scams (& Avoid Them!)

September 15, 2016

Installation, maintenance and repair of HVAC systems can be an expensive affair. Whether your system fails when it is hot or in the middle of winter, do not just call the cheapest HVAC repair technician or the first one you find. As much as you desire the comfort – especially quickly and affordably – take your time and look for a reputable home comfort expert to handle the system. Avoid HVAC Inspection Scams Use these simple tips will help you avoid HVAC inspection scams: Nothing is free. Avoid providers that request for free tune-ups once you place your initial service call. Any trustworthy company will offer you a free estimate or a free site visit – but businesses need to make money. Scammers are interested in offering free service in order to come up with an expensive sales pitches and up-sells. You don’t need to bother with hagglers. Trust your intuition. Some HVAC contractors will request a lofty down payment. This should cover spare parts and transport, which is fair. However, If you feel the down-payment is on the higher side, the provider might be taking advantage. Avoid so-called experts who request the entire payment upfront as  they will never...

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