Can You Save Money By Closing Vents in Unused Rooms?

With the rising cost of heating fuel and electricity, you might be thinking of ways to lower your monthly bills. If you have a forced hot air heating system in your Dayton, OH, home, closing one of the vents in a storage space or unused guest room might be at the top of the list. Let’s find out if that is actually an effective means of saving money.

The Short Answer Is No

Your forced air heating and air conditioning system is installed, balanced and tested with all the vents open. When you close a vent in a room, it will either cause the blower in the basement to circulate less air because it detects added pressure in the line or it tries to push through more air to overcome the blockage it senses in the ducts. One way results in less heat circulating through the house, which means your furnace works harder to keep you comfortable. The other way uses more electricity and damages equipment, resulting in higher utility bills and repairs.

Closed Vents Can Cause Damage

If your blower increases pressure to push past the closed vent, it can rupture ducting. Constantly calling for heat or cooling can cause compressors and heat exchangers to crack. The blower fans can wear out well before they should. You may encounter moisture buildup in crawl spaces that are not getting enough air circulation, resulting in mold and mildew.

Needed Heating Repairs and Extra Costs

While you blocked off the vent to the unused bedroom or storage area, undue stress was placed on your heating system. You might be looking at running new ducting or replacing the blower. If the heat exchanger cracks, that will cost you an entire new furnace. Maybe you can’t seem to get warm and end up turning up the thermostat, which results in a higher heating bill.

Dayton’s #1 Furnace Installation Service

The best solution when you want to save more money on your heating bill is to talk to your heating specialists at Butler Heating & Air Conditioning. We can work with you to create an energy-saving plan that lowers your monthly bills and protects the service life of your heating system. Give us a call today to set up your appointment.