Why You Need a Home Repair Budget for the New Year

Why You Need a Home Repair Budget for the New Year

2017 is just around the corner! Though your home may be one of the last things on your mind as you begin to make New Year’s resolutions and plan for the year ahead, it’s important to create a home repair budget. Developing a budget just for home repairs and maintenance will help you maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your family year-round.

Why You Need a Home Repair Budget for the New Year

What would you do if your heater or AC died today? Most homeowners who have not prepared for repairs such as these may find themselves stuck in an uncomfortable situation. Every homeowner should take some time each year to plan and create a budget for any home maintenance or repairs that will need to be completed in the new year. This helps homeowners start the year on the right foot.

Much like any other budget, a home repair budget helps you better manage your money throughout the year so that you can take care of home improvement projects that need to be completed. Whether you need to replace your roof, fix the electrical system, or remodel your kitchen, home maintenance and repair budget can help ensure that you are prepared for these projects by telling you how much money you need to set aside.

Tips for Creating a 2017 Home Repair Budget

Creating a budget for your home improvement projects doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some simple tips for creating an effective 2017 home repair and maintenance budget:

  • Anticipate any upcoming repairs by considering the age and health of your appliances and other elements of your home.
  • Prioritize which projects need to be completed first. For instance, roof replacement should probably take priority over cosmetic fixes like a bathroom remodel.
  • Think about which projects you can take on yourself like painting and landscaping. This will help you save more money while planning your maintenance budget.
  • For any projects that require a professional, be sure to get estimates on the cost of labor and materials. That way you can accurately factor these expenses into your budget.
  • Save room in your budget for surprise expenses that may arise due to inclement weather or accidents.
  • Factor energy-saving measures into your budget such as efficient appliances and light bulbs. These energy-efficient products will help you save more money in the long run.
  • Save money throughout the year to create a reserve for home repair needs. By saving a little throughout the year, you put less strain on your wallet when it comes time for repairs.

If your HVAC system is on your list of needed home repairs for 2017 or if you just want to learn more about new heating and cooling systems, you’ve come to the right place. The HVAC experts at Butler can have your heater or air conditioner back up and running in no time. Call us for more information: (937) 262-4846.