I am writing to commend one of your installers, Wade. Wade was the head installer of the replacement air conditioning unit at one of our properties. He arrived promptly on June 29, one of the first 98-degree days and worked diligently all day with his assistant, coordinating with the crane required to get our old unit off the black roof and the new unit on. They worked solidly all day, in blistering heat, both in the unit to make the connections there and on that steaming hot black roof. They would have completed the installation that day, I’m sure, if the horrific storm, which caught them on the roof, had not stopped work at 5:30. Wade assured me he would complete the work the following week, which he did, fabricating a vent to match up to our existing furnace and calling us to keep us informed of his progress, since we are not living in he unit. His courtesy, hard work, and his perseverance will encourage me to recommend Butler to anyone I know who needs heating and air conditioning service and installation. Wade is an excellent advertisement for Butler. I hope his dedication and attitude are well recognized by the company.

Dayton, OH

Good Morning Rick, Yes! Our family is spoiled by the new A/C and furnace system. I caught Mike saying to a neighbor he didn’t mind spending the money for it because it is has had such a noticeable improvement already. We have followed all the instructions and have opened all the registers, set the fan on low to keep the air flowing and we haven’t had to set the thermostat below 73. The difference is truly amazing! Before our unit would run all day and night to keep the 73 degree temp and that wouldn’t even feel cool. With the Carrier we are definitely benefiting from the 95% unit. Thanks again for taking the time to explain the differences and benefits. Everyone involved with the process from Butler was so professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Thanks for treating us like life long customers and not just another number or install. Brandon was so organized – each morning he went over with us what he wanted to accomplish with the install and explained the entire process from start to finish. We look forward to seeing more of your trucks in the neighborhood. There are a lot of nice homes with old units around here and they will need a HVAC company soon and we hope it is you getting the business. Be sure to include us in your “just installed another” (or the like)neighborhood postcard mailings. We look forward to hearing back from you throughout your career at Butler.

Mike and Julie
Dayton, OH

Hi and a big thank you! I couldn’t be happier that I own a “Butler” furnace! I fought hard to get you, and with your assistance, it was done. Hooray!!! I’d like to start by Why I Chose “Butler”: 1. When Rick came to my home, he was dressed professionally. I did not shake a dirty hand. Talk about first impression! 2. He was incredibly knowledgeable. 3. He was the only person to give me a business card. 4. I received a follow up call and a letter. Again, no other company did these things! None! I apologize for being such a pest. I was cold and frustrated. Not only was I without heat, I was also without hot water! I have a new found appreciation for everything! Simple and otherwise. Personally I would like to thank Rick, Keith, Terry, Wade (and his assistant) and all the wonderful folks that answered the phones. How that is done can also make or break a sale. Have a safe and happy holiday to everyone at “Butler”! Thank you again!! Bless you Always.

Darla B.
Dayton, OH

Dick from Butler Heating and Air cleaned, checked and serviced my furnace. My furnace would not always turn on when I adjusted the thermostat. I saw all the good reviews about Butler from Angie’s List and called Butler. Dick listened to me about the problem I was having and checked things out. He could tell right away just by hearing the sound of my furnace that it needed to be cleaned and serviced. Since he’s done it has been working great. He didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need which is always much appreciated and seems rare now-a-days. I am planning on calling Butler in the future for all my furnace and air services. Dick did a great job and was very informative. I also recommended the company and Dick to service my sisters and brother-in-laws furnace as well. Highly recommended to everyone. Please keep up the good and honest work Butler!

Patty M.
Dayton, OH

We decided to replace our 29 year old gas furnace because the Federal government has mandated that as of May 1, 2013 all 80% furnaces will be prohibited from being installed in Ohio homes. We obtained 3 estimates but decided to go with Butler Heating & A/C and the 80% efficient furnace. We decided this because of the good service we received with the replaced Carrier furnace that was installed in 1983, the courteous and efficient maintenance service we have received from “Mike” of Butler Heating for several years, the pleasant, no high pressure salesman Mr. Eddie Bennett, and finally, the very fair and reasonable price. The furnace was installed on November 15, 2012 by installer Mr. Bill Parton who, in my opinion, did a very thorough and neat job. The job actually took a day and a half as Mr. Parton returned on November 16 to complete the job (we had heat the night of November 15). The new furnace is working fine and is quieter than the furnace it replaced.

Ronald D.
Dayton, OH

I wanted to let you know I was very pleased with the repair/ service job Butler did for me today. Everyone I spoke to was very professional and concerned with getting the job done correctly. The extra effort to show my son the problem and solution while I was out of state was most appreciated. Thanks again. Job well done.

Ron R.
Waynesville, OH

Wade was a great representative of your company! Eddie did a good job too explaining what we had, what we needed and steps we needed to take to get the job done. While the wifi didn’t always work correctly in the beginning it seems to have redeemed itself and is normally connected. At this point I wouldn’t concern myself with it. We’ve used the feature a few times and it is handy to have, not necessary but a convenient feature.

Tom H.
Centerville, OH

We are writing this letter to show sincere appreciation of the service Harold provided. On Friday, February 1, 2013, we had been without heat for 1 and 1/2 days; it was COLD. Harold showed up at our home and took his time in finding out what the problem was with our Butler furnace. The furnace was not working due to the loss of power in our fuse box. Harold suggested we call our power supplier, which we did. Our supplier came out and made some (way overdue) changes in our power connectors- and thus gave us power to our fuse box. Harold returned to our home Saturday morning, February 2; found our power had been restored; and he re-lit the furnace- and we were immediately back to having “heat”! Thanks to Harold’s knowledge, patience, and kindness, we are back to normal (power and heating). Thanks to Butler Heating and Air Conditioning for sending us a wonderful employee and person. We are grateful.

David and Sharon P.
Yellow Springs, OH

Some friends in the neighborhood had some trouble with their furnace. We were calling around to find a part for the furnace and they were the only ones that would sell the part for a reasonable price rather than service the furnace themselves.

Gregory K.
Dayton OH

I was very happy with the quality of service and my experience with Butler. I had obtained several different quotes (4), and though this was not the lowest, I felt better about the process after the consultation and took a chance based on other reviews and my gut feeling. The initial consultation was able to adequately address my concerns and we actually discussed in detail what and how things would occur. (Caveat: you need to know what you are looking for and what to ask for–I am glad we discussed the need for the custom condenser box–they initially showed up with a generic box to try to use, but since we had discussed it prior and it was in the contract–a custom one was fabricated which I am much happier with.) My sales rep was Eddie and the installer was Bill. The quality of the install was very good especially since they had some existing areas to work around–all worked out well. This was not an 8 hr job, but the quality at the end was well worth it………Only concern was there was a come-back because all of the required parts were not on the truck the first time out, but it was handled professionally and resolved. Even if the parts were there–I don’t believe it still could have been accomplished in 1 day. I would recommend Butler based on my experience. I felt I had an honest appraisal of the situation, and the quality of workmanship was excellent. It has been about a month since the install and I have not had any issues whatsoever.

Michael A.
Dayton OH

I wanted to you know that I had an excellent experience with your company. My technician, JD, has been my tech for many years and is always willing to answer any questions. He was polite, helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this comany for all heating and air conditioning needs.

Jill P.
Dayton, OH

I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the service I received from your tech. I work in retail, and you hardly get any good comments, only bad, so I wanted to lend some good. I always recommend Butler to anybody that needs heating and air solutions.

Jim O.
Dayton, OH

I purchased a new Furnace/AC in 2011 from Butler and have them come out every Spring & Fall for a routine check-up. These guys are the best, no need to look further – especially “JD” who always gives me outstanding service!!

Kevin S.
Dayton, OH

Zach was the most personable and knowledgeable technician that we have ever had! I always thought I had the best service until he came out. Now I know what great service is!!

Richard H.
Dayton, OH

We recently had an issue with our furnace and called Butler Heating. Everything is operating great now- problem resolved. As to Eddie’s participation, WOW! HE contacted us! He was concerned and caring that everything was taken care of properly. Whoever hired him, kudos to them! He represents Butler Heating in the most excellent way; a definite asset to the company. Eddie could teach a class in salesmanship and integrity. Thank you!

Rita B.
Fairborn, OH

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